About Me

Hi there! I’m Dan, and this is my blog. I write about leadership, biblical principles, my life as a missionary, and gadgets I use (hint: I’m a nerd). My goal is to make God’s name great and encourage you toward greater things.

I’m the first born of three, which means I’m a bit OCD and a recovering perfectionist. I grew up in Western New York and was homeschooled my whole life. I attended Word of Life Bible Institute for 2 years and God’s plans lead me to do the Cross-Cultural Internship with Word of Life Fellowship in Hungary.

While I was there for three years, I met my wife, who’s also from America! (If you’re keeping track at home, that’s 6,000 miles I had to travel to find my wife. Hey, she’s worth it.)

We were married in May, 2014 and became full-time missionaries with Word of Life to Poland in June, 2014.

Our hearts are about bringing the gospel to the children of Poland and discipling them.

I’m currently raising support for us to go to Poland so we can begin a children’s ministry program in the country and also help churches minister to the kids and parents in their community.

One of my passions is sharing the Word of God with others. I’ve had many opportunities to preach in churches. If you’re looking for someone to fill the pulpit you can listen to some of my sermons in the link below.

Dan Vanderkooi sermon – “Suffering for My Faith” from 1 Peter

Curious? Want to talk? Ask questions? Or perhaps your interested in having us come and speak to your group, you can contact me in any of the ways listed below. Or follow me on the social media channels.

Email: dsvanderkooi@wol.org

Skype: daniel.vanderkooi

Facebook: Dan Vanderkooi

Twitter: @DanSVanderkooi

Instagram: danvander


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