My Mother’s Best

This is a blog post for all you mothers out there. There’s a lot things I could write. But instead of trying to appeal to your struggle, or your frustration, or the feelings of inadequacy, failing, fear, worry, anger (only sometimes, right?), or not being good enough, I’m going to talk briefly about something else…




…my mother’s best.


I never got it until now. But now I do. My parents did their best. Well, not all the time, but who can actually say that about their parents (if you raised your hand, I declare you a liar). Here’s some things I’ve learned about your family/parents that you grew up with:


  • They’re sinners, and have their own “baggage.” The more spiritual term I would use is strongholds. They have tendencies that they carried from their parents. And now you have to live with it. We all have it. I’ve seen it in myself several times, and I hope my child (singular at the time of this writing) can show me grace in the future concerning my shortcomings. My mom reacted to situations in her own way. The cool thing about my mom is that she’d be the first to admit she isn’t perfect. And I’ll back her up on that….and then get in line right behind her….because I’m not perfect either.


  • Parents have a lot of stress. There’s a ton of junk that parents have to deal with, on top of actually raising small humans. The list is endless, and would waste a lot of your reading energy, so just insert your list here: _______________________. I will only say that I never realized how much there was to do, until I had kids. Wow.


  • They did their very best. No good parent does you harm (although there are plenty of bad and wicked parents out there). I know my mom did her very best. That’s all that can be expected. Doing your best. There are days where things seemed to be going worse than others (just like every other family), but we got through it. We survived.


I know my mom did her best, and I’m sure yours did too.
So keep that in mind next time you see them. And make sure that you carry on the tradition…and do your very best.


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