What Are You Going To Do Now

To all my friends saying how horrible the future will be, stop it. I know you, and know you are better than that. I’ve been to college with many of you and/or served our Lord along side you. Inspire hope into the lives of those you influence, not fear. 
To those who chose third-party, Good for you. It’s probably because of your conscience. But don’t think yourself holier than others who didn’t have a problem voting for the lesser of two evils. It’s their conscience, and it doesn’t have to match yours. 
To those who’s candidate loss last night, I say this. A woman who wanted to make it far easier to kill unborn babies is not in office. I think we have far to go in expanding the rights of so many people in America, but that price is too high to pay. 
I’m staying friends with you all, and encourage you to do the same. 


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