Evangelism Should Be Like A Backpack

My backpack has been to MANY places. Traveling to friends’ houses, different countries, cars, busses, and more. In fact, with every compartment, seat, and floor it’s been on, it should probably have a biohazard sign on it. Confession: I only now realized that you can actually wash these things.


As I thought about it, a question came to mind. What is a backpack for, exactly? Well, since you asked, and I’m so happy to oblige, I came up with my own loose definition: a utilitarian bag designed to carry objects from one location to another. (Pretty good, right? Okay, enough with the self-flattery).


Now enter Matthew 28:19, the famous missionary verse. The “Great Commission” itself. What’s the command here? “Go.” So what’s this have to do with a backpack? A backpack is only good if it’s being used, if it fulfills its purpose. It’s meant to carry things from one place to another, not sit in the back of your closet collecting dust.


Just like this, you and I are fulfilled in our purpose when we carry the gospel to those around us. Everywhere. Don’t start with another country. Start with your neighbors, start with your street. SO why don’t you dust off that old backpack, pack a lunch, go for a hike, and think of how you can start some conversations with your neighbors.


Then dust off your Bible, pack a lunch, and go carry the good news to someone today.


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