Why I’m Leaving Facebook Pages

When I worked an internship with Word of Life overseas, I started a Facebook Group as a way to better keep in contact with those interested. Then I got married and decided that the better way to go was to use a Facebook Page (I’ll mention the differences in a little bit). Now a days, I’m back to using a Facebook Group.


There’s several reason why I switched back. One is that I believe that a Group will be better for my ministry, and my followers.


  1. The Name. A Page is designed more for organizations, artists, or celebrities (all of which I am not). Whenever I would post my updates it would be under the fancy title of “Dan & Katie Vanderkooi’s Ministry.” I liked it at first, but after a while it started feeling impersonal. It’s fine if you’re a big organization, but it’s just my family and our ministry, and I like to keep things personal. Our Group has been renamed to “Vanderkooi Family Updates.” When I post now, it simply says my name. Personal is always better in my opinion.
  2. Privacy. A Page is open to anybody, but a Group can be private. The issue is that even Facebook has spam. Fake accounts pop up all the time. A private Group allows us to screen who’s following us.
  3. Features. A Group has most of the same features that a Page does. The only one I can think of that’s missing is scheduled posting. You can still post pictures, videos, and links. You can even do a Facebook Live event right in the privacy of your own group.
  4. More than just ministry. The feel of our group is much more friendly. There’s just something about the atmosphere that feels more friendly. Which is why it’s perfect for all kinds of updates. Because life is more than ministry. Yes, we’ll have posts about events we’re doing, speaking engagements, travels, and whatever else life throws at us. But it’s also about family. Everyday life is sometimes brushed over.


These are the reasons I switched back to Facebook Groups. Let me make it clear that I’m not against Facebook Pages. I’ve just found something that works better.


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