“Abba, where are we going?”

“Abba, where are we going?”


That’s what I heard from a little Jewish girl in the airport. I was waiting at my gate for my final flight home when a Jewish couple and their little, blonde-haired girl came up. I’m no expert on the different groups of Jewish beliefs, but I did notice this guy had a very secure-looking plastic case for his black brimmed hat.


But what I saw next (or heard rather) really struck me. When the man offered to take the girl out a little bit to give his wife a break, his daughter repeatedly asked of him, “Abba, where are we going?” And in the little 3 or 4 year old voice I could see us: believers curiously asking our Father in heaven where we are going. 

There’s a beautiful intimacy that we have as his children to approach him by saying, “Abba, Father.” 

Maybe I need to stop more often and just turn to God and ask, “Abba, where are we going?” and just trust in Him for all the details.


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