5 Smartphone Apps I Use Everyday

I love gadgets, particulalrly smartphones and tablets. So I also enjoy trying new apps and finding better ones. So far, I have found these 5 to be some of my main drivers. I use them on my phone almost every day. These are all free apps, although some have a paid version or require subscriptions for full functionality.


  1. Spark. This app from Readdle replaces Apple’s stock email app for me. I have both a Gmail and Exhange email connected to it. One thing that makes this Email app stand out is the quick shortcuts to things like Attachments, Pinned emails, and Calendar, all from the same screen as my emails.
    Cost: Free
    Subscription: n/a
  2. Nozbe. This is my task-management program. It’s based on the productivity system found in David Allen’s book “Get Things Done.” I use the free version, which limits you to only 5 projects. This is a little hindering, but I’ve managed to condense my tasks into 5 projects. I really like the look and functionality of this app. It has a bit of a learning curve, but it’s also very customizable for your work load.
    Cost: Free
    Subscription: $10/month for unlimited projects and a second account, OR $8/month when you sign up for the yearly subscription.
  3. Hootsuite. This app allows me to manage my Twitter and Facebook accounts without keeping the actual apps on my phone. (Bonus for keeping the invasive Facebook app off my phone). It allows you to view multiple social media accounts at once, as well as write a single post that will go out to several media outlets. You can also schedule posts. Very handy.
    Cost: Free
    Subscription: Allows for more than 3 social media outlets.
  4. Evernote. I’ve talked about Evernote before, particularly on how I use it for preaching. This is like a digital brain for me, and I’m finding it more and more useful every day. I save important documents as well as random addresses I want to remember.
    Cost: Free, for use on 2 devices.
    Subscriptions: $3.99/month for Evernote Plus, and $7.99/month for Evernote Premium.
  5. Feedly and Pocket. Let me explain why these two are together. I don’t have consistent internet access, which becomes tricky when I want to read blogs I follow. So I use Feedly as my RSS feed to see all the blog I follow, and then I save them to Pocket for offline reading. They both work great, and Pocket has a Mac app for desktop reading, as well as a browser extension.
    Cost: Free
    Subscription: Pocket – $4.99/month; Feedly Pro – $5.41/month; Feedly Team – $18/month.


What do you use? What’s your favorite app?
Let me know in the comments. 


Note: I don’t get any endorsements from these apps. I simply enjoy using them and wanted to share with you.


2 thoughts on “5 Smartphone Apps I Use Everyday

  1. Hi, Dan! Kuba from Nozbe Team here 🙂 Thank you so much for mentioning Nozbe! It’s wonderful you’re happy with our app and, hopefully, you’ll stay with us for long years 🙂

    I’d like to precise our pricing. It’s true that with 1 account of Nozbe Pro you get the second one for free. With monthly billing the price is $10 (we hate ‘.99’!), however, with a yearly payment it’s going down to $8 per month.

    Thank you again and stay productive! 🙂


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