Two Words to Gage Your Quiet Time

“Hey, hey, hey, how’s your quiet time with the Lord been?”muvsxnQJyT1sdyj9lo1

This was the popular question when I was in college. We would ask it of each other all the time. It was almost like a game to see who could ask first. I remember one guy that was almost a beacon for doing your quiet time. You could barely ever talk with him without him asking you what you learned. It was really cool because you got to share what the Lord was teaching you, hear what He was teaching others, and you had accountability for being in God’s Word. The down side was that it was a huge bummer if you didn’t do your quiet time.

One day at a chapel session, a man named Ric Garland spoke and taught us two words. These two words have transformed how I view my Quiet Time.

Satan Won.

  • Satan = Enemy of God, and of anyone that follows Him. In other words, us. He accuses us to God all the time. So of course he’s working to keep us from God. (1 Peter 5:8
  • Won = he’s the winner. We’re the losers. I’m not going to wax too theological on this, but the fact is we have an enemy in the world, and he doesn’t want you having a quiet time with your Savior.

I’m going to walk the honesty plank here today. My hardest days to spend with the Lord are holidays and Sundays. Yep, that’s right; even missionaries find it difficult to read the Bible at times. Days when you miss spending time with God can be hard, even if the time you have is only 7 minutes. Feeding your soul is like feeding your body: it’s got to be done every day.

Next time you miss a day, write down these two words: Satan won. You can go back and complete the day you missed if yo want to, but I would recommend just moving on with today. And write those big two words: SATAN WON.

“Feeding your soul is like feeding your body:
it’s got to be done every day.”

For me, it’s creates a sense of urgency. It reminds me that I have an adversary that wants to keep me from God. This doesn’t negate my personal responsibility to make time for this (remember that old phrase, “the devile made me do it”?). It does, however, remind me to be on guard. “Be watchful…” (1 Corinthians 16:13). This isn’t just something to make you feel good, or get a check mark at youth groups. This is war. Don’t let the enemy cut you off from your Commander.


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