To Achieve Your Goals, Be A Tugboat, Not a Titanic

The beginning of the new year is a time for new resolutions, new goals, and new dreams. For the Christian, this can mean new spiritual goals. More time reading the Bible, get better at praying, go to church more often, serve in a ministry this year. Where most of us fail is the size of the goal.


Have you ever made your goal too big? I definitely have, and the same thing happens every time. I get excited, I set sail on my goal, and then fail because it’s too much for me. I call this the “Titanic syndrome.” We make our goals huge, thinking them indestructible. But when we hit our “iceberg” we get discouraged and quit.

“If you want to real growth, you need to start small.”

But the exact opposite is true. If you want to see change that sticks, that lasts over time, you need to start small. We make our goals the size of the Titanic when we should be making them a tugboat. A skyscraper starts with a single scoop of dirt removed from the ground. And then another…and another…and another…. and (you guessed it) another.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying we shouldn’t dream big. But instead of thinking we can achieve our dream instantly, realize that it all starts small. You can’t go from a couch potato to a 5K runner in a week. It takes time building up strength and stamina.

So look at your goals, and stop making them a Titanic. Start with a tugboat, and work your way up.


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