What I Learned About Customer Service from Moody Publishers

Maybe this is the nerd part of me, but I love the designs of Bibles. If you use an English Bible, you are spoiled. There’s probably thousands of options and choices. In 2005, I was given a Charles Ryrie KJV Study Bible by my Grandparents as a gift. My grandpa was a pastor for most of his life, she knew a thing about good study Bibles (sorry McArthur fans). It’s the one I used for studying all throughout my 2 years at Word of Life Bible Institute (I even got it signed by Charles Ryrie!)


But it had one major problem: the binding was bad, and a small portion in the back fell out. I decided to live with it. Several years later and I bought a new Bible, a Ryrie ESV Study Bible, only this one had the same problem. While the maps haven’t fallen out, they are literally hanging by threads.

So I contacted Moody Publishers, not really sure what to expect. I explained what happened, and that it happened with my previous Bible from them. They responded with this: they knew they had binding problems in the past and offered to send me a brand new Bible. I told them which kind I would like, and they responded that not only would they send me a new Ryrie ESV with a better cover than my current one, but would send me a replacement for my KJV Bible as well! Whaaaat??

Here’s what I took away from this experience.

Admit mistakes. They didn’t ask me questions about the binding, or how long I had it. They simply acknowledged a problem and offered to fix it.

Fast action. I wrote to them late at night, but they responded first thing in the morning. When I would respond back with information, they also responded right away. I think social media might play into how much faster companies respond to problems, but even so, they were prompt. Don’t put your customer’s problem on the back burner. Take care of it right away.

Exceeding expectations. While it can be hard to keep up with our increasingly spoiled mentality, it’s also important to treat your customers with great care. I was only asking for my ESV Bible, but they went out of their way to replace both Bibles. It not only made me satisfied with this purchase, but it built great trust in me with Moody Publishers.

“How you treat your customers is a reflection of your integrity.” 

I don’t believe that companies should give away free stuff just because they’re “Christian.” But I do believe that how you treat your customers is a reflection of your integrity, and Moody Publishers has plenty.


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