Learning how to make lemonade

We planned a trip to my home town wit the intent to get our car inspected and decided to make a good time out of it. We planned it for the same week as my home church’s Vacation Bible School and also got some support meetings in there. It would be a simple, fun, and productive trip…or so we thought.

While VBS was a highlight, and our support meeting was fantastic, our car caused us unexpected problems with an unexpected cost. Looking back on it, I shouldn’t be surprised, since this puppy is pretty old. But we had to find a way to fix this and make it better. So we did what all great Americans do in a time of crisis: we tried to force a good solution. Well, let me tell you, that didn’t work out this time. So what’s the point of all this? Did Dan and Katie suffer horribly? Do we now bear the scars of suffering from a great persecution? Umm…no.

What we do have is some invaluable lessons.

1) Great community is invaluable. We weren’t stranded. My family housed us for a few days more. We also had sacrificial help from Joe, a guy in the church who took care of our car as if it was his own. He inspires me with his dedication to God, to excellence in everything he does, and how he cares for his family. Props to you, Joe!

2) Make good use of extra time. It allowed us to go on a really special date. Turned out there was a Polish festival that weekend, and hey, guess where we’re moving to? POLAND! We saw all the neat t-shirts, gift boxes, tourist items, learned some new words (of which I will try only on friends I trust), and tasted some real pirogis. It invigorated us to get over there. We also had time to visit my Grammy (what, you don’t have a a unique name for your grandma?). I cherish these times as she has seen many things, is very wise, and always compliments my outfit 😉 haha.

2015-07-18 13.56.36

3) Trust God. This was no trial. I don’t think the Bible gives a specific definition for what’s a trial and what’s not, but it does say that we can grow from any life experience. We specifically said that we were going to trust that God was in control. I can’t believe how much that changes your perspective of your situation. You have hope, joy, peace, and a little swagger in your step. God is good, all the time.

2015-07-18 15.10.12


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