Why It’s Bad for You To Call Things Stupid

Everyone has an opinion, but some people like to make theirs known more than others. It’s like they have a voice in their heads screaming “I’m right, so everyone should know what I think about this.” Here’s some reasons you should try to avoid being this person. shareasimage-2

1) People see you as a “Negative Nancy” These people filter everything through the lens of one bad experience.

This happens with dating. “A boyfriend led my friend away from her walk with the Lord; therefore all dating relationships are bad for you, and I will never get close to a guy unless he proposes.” Be careful not to let the abuse of a good thing keep you from enjoying it.  

2) You appear narrow-minded. Christians wrongly get this label a lot for our beliefs, but there are a lot of grey areas that we have labeled as wrong or stupid that really aren’t. So what if that person spent a lot of money on their vacation. What’s the big deal with decorating the stage for church services? What’s wrong with trying something that we’ve never done before?

When you criticize things simply because you don’t understand or have never tried them, people will see not only see you as narrow-minded, but will stop going caring about your input.

“Don’t let your experience determine how you view the world.”

Here’s some tips for avoiding this:

1) Celebrate People, not the substance: Be happy that someone had a good time or laughed really hard. Maybe they really enjoyed a movie that you found boring. Whenever I would watch Seinfeld my dad would sometimes groan. “I don’t see what you find so funny about this show.” He didn’t enjoy the dry, pun-filled humor like I did, but he never faulted me for enjoying it. It’s just a preference.

2) Be open to trying new things: You might think something is really stupid or really gross, but how will you know until you try it? In college, I was in a group of friends standing around a fire when a Korean student passed out pieces of dried squid. Guess what I got? A nice, dried tentacle! I’m totally not a seafood person, but I tried it. After chewing for what felt like 5 minutes, I couldn’t even break off a single suction cup. So I still don’t like squid, but I didn’t let that stop me from trying it.


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