Don’t Stand By…Stand Up!

One of my favorite movies is Batman Begins. I’m a Batman fan and if you think there’s a better super hero, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. There’s a scene where Bruce is with his friend Rachel after his parents’ killer is shot by another mobster.

While trying to snap Bruce out of his self-centered view, she shows him the underbelly of the city and the horrible condition it’s in. “Good people, like your parents, who will stand against injustice are gone. What chance does Gotham have when the good people do nothing?”

Wow, does that hit home!

You need to do something. You need to speak up. When you see things that are wrong, you need to voice your opinion. Don’t stand idly by when wrong is happening.

There have been times I’ve stood up when something needed to be said. It was difficult but the end result was worth it. I’m ashamed to say there have also been times when I haven’t stood up for what was right, and I remember them with great regret.

Do the right thing…the hard thing…and stand up for what’s right. It may seem hard in the moment, but it’s easier than dealing with the consequences. 


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