Looking at Life With Balance

Many people are writing about the spiritual condition of the church these days. They talk about what’s wrong with the church, then why we need to accept the church as it is, why we need to restrict ourselves in this area, but be open-minded at the same time. Most of these blogs are about things either never mentioned or very loosely talked about in the Bible.


One thing is for sure: all this noise can be very confusing. How do we sift through these topics? What side do we choose?

When it comes to grey areas (which I’m defining as topics the Bible doesn’t address in 100% clarity, like what color shirt I should wear), I use a simple principle: take all sides in balance. I do this in two ways:

1) Look to Understand The Views

You can’t truly appreciate a differing view until you at least try to understand it. I used to be boggled how someone could believe there is no God. But when I think about them, and how probably the idea of having to submit their life to an unseen God is revolting, I could at least have sympathy for them.

2) Find the common ground

In the above example, there isn’t really common ground. But take the issue of dating. Should we be emotionally detached from the opposite sex until we reach the engagement stage? Or is it alright to do whatever with them because in our mind we’ve decided it’s  “no big deal?”

Be open to the positive traits in both views. In dating it is unwise to become so emotionally involved with someone that it removes you from all normalcy of life. There’s also nothing wrong with a guy and girl hanging out together at the fair (unless you’re dating or married to someone else, of course).

Christians, myself included, are notorious for swinging the pendulum to either one side or the other, never landing in the middle. It usually results from fear. We’re afraid to make the mistakes of others. Instead of letting the Bible and common sense rule our hearts we run in the opposite direction.

We need to live with discernment. We need to live with balance. 


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