Leaders don’t push,they pull

Being a leader is an incredible thing, because whether you are a good one or a bad one you can have incredible results. The difference maker is how much effort you have to put into it and whether it last when you’re gone. Some leaders feel like their behind everyone pushing them forward without much effort from themselves, while other leaders are in the front lines working with you.

There are two kinds of leaders: the pushers and the pullers.

The Pushers:

These people lead with authority. They will work hard to push everyone to get the job done no matter the cost. The use intimidation, peer pressure, fear of consequences, and other tactics to get their staff to do what they want. These people usually cary the title “dictator”, but unfortunately most just look like a regular boss. They believe that in order to get people to do their job well and with urgency is by pushing them.

The Pullers:

These leaders have a different approach. They recognize that you are all in the same boat. But instead of threatening to make you “walk the plank” if you don’t do your job, they are right there working with you. They help you to do your job effectively. They grow you as a person. They don’t push you from behind; they lead in front of you, take you by the hand, and help pull you in the right direction that they are already walking.

Good leaders speak to your heart. Bad leaders speak to your actions. 

So how can you be a leader that pulls your followers?

1) Help them own the vision

Always start with showing them the vision. Help them to see the goals that you see. When they understand the purpose it gives them motivation to do the job on their own.

2) Identify motivations

When they see the vision they will start to see the motivation. But it’s even more effective to spell them out. What will it be like when this vision is accomplished? What will happen if you don’t accomplish your goals?

Pushing people works in the short term but not in the long run. because you will constantly have to go back and drive the group.

Helping them catch the vision and find their motivations will do more than win their actions, you will win their hearts. 


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