3 Ways Parents Can Excite Their Kids About Missions

As parents, you want your kids to be excited about missions, to know what’s going on out there. As our global economy expands and people across the world are more and more connected every day (Facebook itself reportedly has over 1.26 billion users, as of October, 2013) it’s good to teach our kids not only how to accept and embrace cultural differences, but how this reality will affect their Christian life.

Here’s 3 Things Parents Can Do To Excite Their Children About Missions

1) Make Them In Charge of the Giving

This might be something for your older children, but I believe it will be really effective. If you as a family support a missionary, give them the responsibility of making sure the money is given to the proper fund, whether the church offering or taking a letter with a check to the mailbox. This is great because it’s simple, it’s hands-on, and a constant opportunity for you as the parent to remind your child of the value and importance of supporting God’s work around the world.

2) Make a map

Something I did for a room decoration was take a map of Hungary, where I served the past 3 years, and created a border around the country consisting of missionary prayer cards. You can use any map, but it should be of a foreign country. Hang it on the wall, tape up the prayer cards of missionaries you pray for, and presto! A visual reminder for you and your kids of real people doing real work around the world. When an updated card comes out, just replace the old one. Don’t have that many prayer cards? That’s fine. Just start with who you know and go from there.

3) Make a Foreign Dinner

This one is probably the most fun. Imagine how cool it would be for your young child to be able to try many foreign foods without having to leave the country, let alone their own home! This will open up their minds to the truth that not everything is bad just because it’s different (we mostly catch ourselves doing this with other people’s food). So how can you do this? You can research online, but I would recommend contacting the missionary themselves. Most missionaries have their contact info on their prayer cards. It’s also more likely to guarantee the success of your meal if you are able to get an authentic recipe.

What do you think? Is there something your family does to excite your kids about missions?



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