That’s When God Surprised Me

Have you ever had one of those moments when something amazing happened, but you didn’t expect it to? Not like it surprised you, but thought the exact opposite would take place. Well, that’s what happened to me by a third grader.

Young Boy at School Raising His Hand to Answer in Class

When I was asked to do the drama portion of my church’s Vacation Bible School, I didn’t think I’d get a question like this. We didn’t have enough people to do the skits ourselves so I played the dvd version (for which I was secretly thankful). The theme of this year was the armor of God, and all week we focused on different pieces. And every day, I told the children that they too needed the armor of God.

Well, God surprised me when one of the 3rd Grade boys came to me afterwards and asked that question:

“How do I use the armor of God?

I explained to him that first you need to trust Jesus as your Savior, and at that point you receive the armor. How you use it is a daily activity. For example, the Belt of Truth can be used when you choose to tell the truth, or do something honest instead of deceitful.

But the funny thing was, I was talking to him just like an adult…and he understood everything I told him. 

I witnessed first hand the truth that children really can handle the weight of the Bible. I will be handling my teaching of children differently from now on.


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