Why I Chose the ESV As My Standard Translation

The ESV (or English Standard Version for long) is a pretty recent translation compared to others, making its debut in 2001. Yet is has been praised by several major leaders in the Christian circles, including John Piper, James MacDonald, and Marc Driscoll to name a few. So why did I choose this translation?

While getting my Bible training at Word of Life Bible Institute I learned that literacy to the text is so important. Paraphrase bibles can capture the idea, but they tend to veer away from the original wording and can get caught in the times in which they are written. But while being here in Hungary and working with so many students who speak English as a second language, I realized how important it is to have God’s Word be easily understandable.

Enter the ESV Ryrie Study Bible. My weapon of choice (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!). When I started reading the ESV, it was definitely literal, with almost no difference from other translations known for their accuracy to the original manuscripts, like the NASB. However there was just something unique about the style of this translation that made reading it so smooth, profound, and easy to understand all at the same time. I was honestly shocked.

I really enjoy the Ryrie ESV Study Bible because it combines a translation that I know I can trust and is easy to understand by people from all nations, and has the amazing work of Dr. Charles Ryrie combined together. I consider this an invaluable tool in my study of God’s Word.

Click the link below to see the Bible for yourself.

Ryrie ESV Study Bible


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