3 Reasons Why Good Pastors Make Good Leaders

Pastors are probably the most under-rated positions in the work force today. That’s right, I said work force. There’s the stuff that everyone can see, like the Sunday church services, the weddings, grad parties, etc. But then there’s the stuff most people will never see: the hospital visits, the late-night runs to a hurting family in crisis, the marriage counseling for a couple on the verge of divorce.

I’ve had the privilege of working with two leaders in particular at Word of Life Hungary that were pastors for close to 20 years each. And they have proven to be some of the best leaders I have ever met. From them I have learned 3 reasons why good pastors make good leaders.

NOTE: I definitely realize that not all pastors are good ones, and there are some that just never should have been in the ministry. But for the most part, experienced pastors have learned the art of servant-leadership.

1). Pastors Know How to Motivate

I didn’t realize this until recently that pastors have to work with a group of growing Christians that serve on a completely volunteer basis. There’s no guarantee of anyone staying around at a church job. He has learned how to inspire others and get them to accomplish tasks that would seem like a chore if it came from your boss.

2). Pastors Know How to Build Unity

Remember that time when someone offended you and you got really mad at them? Did you resolve calmly, or did the two of you yell it out? Situations like these are ones pastors deal with everywhere. But a good pastor will be able to help people to resolve grievances biblically and practically, and then build them up to work together. There’s definitely been times when I was upset at someone, and the pastor-leaders around me helped me see how God wants us to resolve these issues. And it turned out great. I’ve learned so much from those times.

3). Pastors Know How to Serve

This one might seem out of place here compared to the other two points, but that’s exactly why I’ve highlighted it. We’ve all seen those bosses that stand from a distance and expect you to do all the dirty work, no matter how hard it is. A well-grounded pastor will be the total opposite. He knows how to serve and will never tell you to do a job he isn’t willing to do himself, and thanks you for it.

There was a time when I had a project and missed a huge detail. When Alex Konya, the director of Word of Life Hungary at the time, told me about it and saw that I had no clue how to fix it, he looked at me and said “Ok Dan, where do you need me? What can I do to help?” All I could think was “Wow!” That’s true servant leadership.

Pastors do more than you think, and can handle leadership positions probably better than most “trained professionals.”

What do you think? What was an instance where you saw your pastor serving?


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