3 Leadership Lessons from Batman

Batman is the coolest superhero to ever exist. No arguing, no debates. It’s just fact. I’ll admit I’m biased, as I’ve always been drawn to the story of Bruce Wayne.

Well, I was watching one of the movies from the “Nolan trilogy” and some thoughts occurred to me of why Batman is so effective at what he does. So for this post I want to look at 3 examples of leadership from Batman.

1). Know your purpose. Batman doesn’t get dressed up like that just to look cool. He has a purpose, a vision. And that vision is what keeps him going. It’s our vision that allow us to keep going in the hard times; to keep going when we suffer physical damage, emotional pain, and spiritual droughts.

For me, the driving force behind the more specific details of my vision is to glorify the God who saved me. It’s my relationship with God that keeps me going. Have you ever thought about what your purpose is?

2). Never looking for a Thank You. One thing about Batman is that he never expects people to say “thank you,” even after he takes a bullet! Humility is something you will always find in people that influence others. They never look for a “thank you”; they just serve. Which leads to the third point…

3). Keep a Good Team Around You. While the Dark Knight often works alone, he has several people that help him along. He works with Jim Gordon leading the police against crime, Lucius Fox to get his tech, and Alfred to take care of him. We can go far, but with a well-balanced team around us, we can go ten times farther. The body if Christ is like that, in that we all have different strengths, abilities, talents that we can use for the glory of God, working together with others.

“We can go far, but with a well-balanced team around us, we can go ten times farther.”


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