Glass shards, bongs, and soccer balls…


Normally when I’m running I try to pick out a target and run for it: Lamp post, Stop sign, random car (sometimes coming at me). Today was no different. I wen through my same running rituals, how I run, choosing my targets to run towards, etc. But as I came around the corner by the Mayor’s office in Tóalmás I started noticing little things that really stuck out to me. 

The little shards of glass that were purposefully stuck into a cement wall to keep people out. Then there were four little boys out playing; one was bent over and then another one about 3-4 meters behind him would kick a soccer ball at him (all in good fun ofcourse). After them I saw two young guys sitting on a picnic table smoking with a bong while listening to rock music. After that, the neighbor girl riding her bike. Then an old man riding his. But what’s the connection with all this?

It’s all in how you look at things. I could have seen young kids playing a stupid game, punks with no job getting high, a girl who’s looking for joy in the wrong places, or a man who just gets drunk every night. It’s all about your perspective. This simple thought rocked my brain as I continued running today. Do I see people as God sees them? He recognizes the sin. He acknowledges where people are. But he always sees the potential. (Maybe you should read that sentence again). 

Really…what am I doing in ministry, or even evangelizing, if I’m not seeing people for their potential? I hope we all think about this truth. See as God sees. 


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