Good movies and good friends

Yesterday I was struck by something that has been missing from my life for a little while now, yet is so simple; something that has a familiar name that I would like to reclaim: “Man-time.” 

I know, I know. When you hear that phrase you think of pizza boxes, lazy guys playing video games all hours, 5 days of the week, acting like barbarians, etc, etc. However, this is what we did. I invited my friend and fellow intern over last night and him, my roommate and myself all watched the new James Bond movie (which I would highly recommend if you’re a James Bond fan. There’s only a couple “fast-forward” scenes, but other than that it’s great!). But the joy wasn’t in the movie itself…it was the joy of just spending some time not worrying about the gritty details of ministry, work, etc. and just enjoying some fun action, good laughs and moments, and just being “with the guys.” 

My overall point is this: we need time with peers, and we need time with people of the same sex. Guys need some time with guys; girls with girls. We need that fellowship time. My time was joyful, incredibly relaxing and refreshing. And if you’re a guy, I hope you can enjoy some real, biblical, down-to-earth “man-time.” 


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