Welcome to my new ministry blog

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.” ~ Maximus, movie Gladiator

Welcome to the first post on my new blog. My name is Dan Vanderkooi, currently Missionary Intern at Word of Life Hungary, serving in the Bible Institute. My goal is to be a positive influence through evangelism, discipleship, and teaching biblical principles to youth and young men around the world. 

My specific goal with this blog is to:

  1. Update you, my readers, on the current events of my ministry
  2. Share encouraging stories of life-change in young people’s lives
  3. Share lessons I am learning and observing regarding biblical principles and leadership that will help build you up.

We all want to make the right investment, especially in today’s economy. We want the most bang for our buck, as the saying goes. The thing that I have learned from personal experience and listening to others is that the only thing that will last is people. People’s souls are what last beyond this life. The time we spend, the acts of love and kindness all go beyond this world and impact others. The question is, are we being a positive influence? That is my life-goal, and that is my goal with this blog. I’m very excited to be able to share with you this way. Thank you for following me!



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